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Linkin Park - Numb: For Connor: Created June 2013

Dedicated to my brother who has asked me to do a Linkin Park video for years!

A character study look at Connor and his relationship with his father Angel.

Coldplay - Fix You: For the BTVS / ATS Cast: Created April 2013

This video was a long time coming (three years in the making) and then I go and mess the timing up towards the middle and not notice until I deleted the project! I am told it doesnt take too much away from the video but I disagree!

Here you will find my selection of Buffy and Angel Music Videos..........

 I am very proud to have been given the award below from Princess of The Noir. Thank you very much Dreamhunter it is amazing!


I have tried to make them as original as I can but most of you have already produced some excellent vids! I am also trying to do different pairings than the traditional Buffy and Angel / Buffy and Spike etc.
Please do not copy my Buffy and Angel videos to any site without my consent. Please do not use any of my effects or transitions for any of your own videos.

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Celine Dion - Alone: The Other Woman: Created October 2012

I just love portraying Darla as the other woman and this video although maybe not original was a lot of fun to make in this AU that should be self explanatory.

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